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Creating a Webinar

This article walks you through building the webinar framework.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to create a webinar. You can change anything you create until your webinar starts.

1 Create your webinar. Log in to your Cvent account, then click Create webinar. Give your webinar a name, date, and time. Determine if you want to require attendees to enter a one-time pass code to join the webinar.

NOTE: If you're using a Webinar Premium account, custom event fields set to "Display in Event Creation Wizard" will appear during webinar creation. If applicable, fill out any required fields and click Show optional fields to reveal additional ones.

Click Create webinar.

NOTE: If Webinar templates have been created for this account, select one of the available branding templates or click Start fresh to continue without one.

2 Configure your webinar's details. From the left-hand navigation, click Details.

Image of left-hand navigation with Details selected

If you want to edit the webinar name, date, or time, or add a description, click Edit in the Webinar Information section and begin making your changes.

Use the rich text editor to create an engaging description by formatting the text and adding headings, lists, or links. When adding a link, select the type from the dropdown and enter the URL or email address you're linking to. In the Link text field, add wording that will prompt your attendees to click the link. After making your changes, click Save.

If you want to allow attendees to opt out of selling their information, or want to add your organization's privacy policy, follow these instructions.

3 Customize your webinar's appearance. Follow these instructions to design your webinar site.

4 Configure registration. In order to attend your webinar, your attendees will need to register with their name and email. Follow these instructions to customize the form.

5 Determine marketing settings. Before you start sharing your webinar site with attendees, choose which emails you want to send and if your webinar will appear in search results. From the left-hand navigation, click Marketing.

Follow these instructions to learn how to preview, test send, and disable certain emails.

In the Webinar Promotion section, if you want your webinar to display in search results, click Edit next to "Get found on search engines." Click Yes and enter an enticing description with keywords about your webinar, then click Save.

NOTE: Depending on the search engine, it can take several days for your webinar to appear.

6 Set up your presentation. Now that you've created your webinar, follow these steps to customize your presentation.

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