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Getting Started with Webinar
Getting Started with Webinar

New to Webinar? Start here.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

New to Webinar? Start here.

1 Create and set up your webinar. Get started by creating your webinar. You'll enter the basic details, choose a theme, and decide what information you want to collect from attendees when they register.

2 Configure your presentation. Set up your presentation by selecting a video type and adding the presentation details.

3 Manage team members. Next add hosts, speakers, and moderators to help run the presentation.

4 Add engagement features. Incorporate engagement features, such as Q&A, polling, and chat, into your presentation.

5 Share instructions with your moderators. Prior to your webinar, share the instructions for moderating Q&A, polling, and chat with your moderators as applicable.

6 Host your webinar. Now you're all set to host your presentation for attendees.

7 Review the feedback. Review your survey responses and determine how to best implement the attendee feedback into your next webinar.

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