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Configuring Engagement Features

Allow your attendees to interact during your webinar with live Q&A, chat, and polls.

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To allow attendees to engage with each other during and after your presentation, you can use features like live Q&A, chat, and polls, as well as attach downloadable resources.

NOTE: Want to gain impressions from your attendees? Enable the feedback survey.

1 Access the Engagement page. Begin by selecting your webinar. From the left-hand navigation, click Engagement.

2 Activate Live Q&A, if desired. Live Q&A allows attendees to ask questions starting 15 minutes before the session start time, to 15 minutes after its end time. During the presentation, they can upvote the ones they want to see answered most. Attendees can choose if they want to ask questions anonymously, or with their name listed.

GIF showing submission of an anonymous question and upvoting another question

In the Engagement Features section, ensure Live Q&A is toggled to blue.

If you want moderators to have to review all submitted questions prior to sharing them with the audience, toggle "Auto-approve questions" to gray. When an attendee asks a question, it will appear in the pending column for moderators to approve or decline

Live Q&A toggled on so attendees can ask questions live. Auto-approve questions is toggled off.

If you toggle "Auto-approve questions" to blue, when an attendee asks a question it will automatically be added to the Live Q&A panel in the presentation. Moderators can decline questions, display a question that presenters are answering verbally, or write a 500-character response to the question.

NOTE: To keep attendees from asking questions during the webinar, toggle Live Q&A to gray.

3 Activate Chat, if desired. Chat allows attendees to have a text-based conversation with one another while watching the presentation. Chat is available 15 minutes before the session start time, to 15 minutes after its end time.

GIF of attendee using chat and emojis

In the Engagement Features section, ensure Chat is toggled to blue.

Chat toggled to blue so attendees can chat with each other during the presentation

Attendees can join the chat to write messages and react to other attendees' messages. Moderators can delete messages and add their own messages, ensuring the conversation stays on topic.

The chat will be visible until the webinar is archived.

NOTE: To keep attendees from chatting during the webinar, toggle Chat to gray.

To keep attendees from asking questions during the webinar, toggle Live Q&A to gray instead.

4 Add reactions, if desired. Reactions allow attendees to easily share their impressions of the presentation in real time, increasing audience engagement.

Reactions will appear on top of the session content in the bottom-right. They have animations you can pause

In the Engagement Features section, ensure Reactions is toggled to blue.

Reactions toggled to blue to allow attendees to use reactions during the presentation

The four reactions will now appear on the bottom-left of the presentation content during the presentation.

NOTE: If you're using Studio Broadcast, hosts and speakers will not be able to see reactions.

To keep attendees from sharing reactions during the webinar, toggle Reactions to gray.

5 Attach resources, if desired. To upload resources related to your webinar for attendees to download, click Add resource, then Upload. Find the file you want to attach from your computer or network and open it. Enter a new name for the file if required, then click Add resource. You can open the document by clicking its name. To manage it, click the icon to its right.

Resources section with Learn more document added

Click Delete then Delete resource to remove it, or Edit then Change to replace the selected document with another. Click Save after making any changes.

6 Create polls, if desired. Polls allow attendees to respond to questions and see the answers displayed live.

GIF of attendee answering a poll

The polls feature is automatically active for your presentation, but you or your moderators will need to create poll questions and display them during the presentation.

If you want to create polls in advance, click Set up.

Set up polls selected from the Polls section

You'll be logged in and taken to the presentation page of your webinar site. From here, click Create question to get started.

Polls tab open with Create question selected

Follow these instructions to create, edit, and delete poll questions, and to learn how to open your pre-created questions for attendee responses during the presentation.

NOTE: If you do not add any poll questions, attendees will not see the polls option in the engagement panel.

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