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Customizing Your Webinar Reports

Learn how to customize a webinar report.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

To get the most out of your webinar reports, filter or group the data before exporting it.

​1 Run the report. Begin by selecting your webinar. From the Overview page, click Open report and select what you'd like to report on. The report will generate automatically.

2 Customize the report fields. Hover over Data in the top right, then click Change Report Data.

In the Report Data Settings section that appears on the right, automatically added fields will display with a green check mark, and fields that are not added will display with a gray plus sign. Click the fields you want to add or remove from the report.

Example: adding Company Name field and removing Home Address and City fields.

When you're done, click Run to update the report.

3 Filter the report data. Click Filters to the right of the report, or hover over Data in the top right and click Filter Report Data.

Additional options will appear to the right of the report. Several fields from your report will appear by default. If you do not see the field you would like to filter by, click the Edit Filters link in the top right-hand corner. Toggle the fields you want to display to blue, and the fields you do not need to grey.

Click Apply.

NOTE: Not all fields are available as filters. To verify a field can be used, hover over Data and click Change Report Data, then click the Fields tab and toggle the field to the green check mark. Click Run, then re-check what filters are available by returning to Filters > Edit Filters.

Some filters will appear as a series of check boxes while other filters will use operators. For the check box options, check the box next to any value you wish to display on the report.

Once you have finished perfecting your filters, click Apply. The filtered data will now be visible in your report.
​4 Export your report, if desired. To export the info, hover over ...Actions and click Export. Choose a format, then click Export again.

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