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Understanding the Feedback Survey

Want to get impressions from your attendees? Enable the feedback survey.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

The feedback survey allows you to get valuable insight from your attendees. Once your webinar is over and your attendees have submitted their feedback, report on how it went from your Cvent account.

NOTE: Want to customize your feedback survey questions? Follow the steps in this article.

1 Verify that Survey is enabled. Begin by selecting your webinar. From the left-hand navigation, click Engagement. Scroll to the bottom and ensure Survey is toggled to blue.

NOTE: Don't want to survey your attendees? Toggle Survey to gray.

2 Understand the attendee experience. Attendees will be able to access the feedback survey from the Presentation page on your webinar site, or from an automated email after the webinar ends.

On the Presentation page, attendees can take the survey during or after the presentation by clicking the Survey tab from the panel on the right.

After the event, they will also receive an automated email with a link to the feedback survey.

2 Report on the feedback survey. Once an attendee clicks "Finish," their answers will be added to a report. To report on their responses, begin by selecting your webinar.

The Overview page will open by default. Scroll down to the Attendee Engagement section to see how many responses you've received. For a detailed report, click Open report at the top of the page, then Survey.

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