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Preparing to Moderate a Webinar
Preparing to Moderate a Webinar

Check out these steps to get up to speed on the Webinar features you may be using for your presentation.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

Are you a moderator for a webinar and not sure where to start? We've got your back! Check out these steps to get up to speed on the Webinar features you may be using for your presentation.

1 Confirm your registration. In order to be added as a moderator, you must be registered for the webinar by the webinar organizer. Keep an eye out for a registration confirmation email in your inbox, and verify within the email that you have been assigned a moderator role.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, reach out to the webinar organizer for assistance.

2 Review your moderator permissions. Whether you're monitoring the presentation chat, approving questions in live Q&A, or managing polls, check out the following articles for step-by-step guides on moderating these Webinar features:

NOTE: Not seeing all of these features? Your webinar might not be using them.

3 Access the webinar. On the day of the webinar, log in and click Join as attendee or Join as host. Ensure you have a moderator view of the features your presentation is using.

The first time you access the presentation page, look for the notification in the top-right to indicate you are a moderator.

Or, in the toolbar on the right, click into any of the available features and look for the following indications that you are a moderator:

  • Chat - You'll see a Session Chat (Moderator) header at the top.

  • Q&A - You'll see a "You haven't approved any questions yet" message, or buttons that allow you to write a response or answer submitted questions now.

  • Polls - You'll see a "Get started polling attendees in this session by creating questions" message.

If you do not see the notification or the moderator view for the specific features your webinar is using, contact the webinar organizer.

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