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Setting Up a Presentation

Follow these instructions to determine a presentation type and decide how attendees can interact during your presentation.

Written by Meaghan Laaper
Updated over a week ago

Once you've created your webinar, follow these instructions to determine a video type and set a date and time for your presentation.

1 Access the presentation page. Begin by selecting your webinar. From the left-hand navigation, click Presentation.

2 Choose a presentation type. Review the presentation options to see which presentation type works best for your webinar.

In the Video Settings section, click Edit. Select the type of presentation you'd like to host.

3 Add a new recording, if necessary. For a Simulive presentation, click Upload to add your recording. Select the file on your computer and click Open. Ensure the video is 100% uploaded.

Determine if you want to save your video for future webinars or if you only need to use the video for this session. If you're saving it to your video library, customize the name and add a description, if desired.

Add a thumbnail, if desired, then click Save.

Or, use an existing recording. You can also add a recording from your video library. Click Choose from library, then click Select to the left of the video you want to use.

NOTE: Need to make adjustments to your video hello? Click Edit video and make your changes.

4 Edit the presentation details. Click Edit.

If you don't want to allow attendees to watch it after the presentation has ended, set "Allow attendees to replay webinar" to No. Otherwise, your recorded presentation will be available for 30 days after the event on the webinar site.

NOTE: Collaborative presentations will be available only if the host chooses to record the meeting.

When you're finished, click Save.

5 Add team members. Now that you've customized your presentation, add additional team members to help you manage your webinar.

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